Thursday, July 29, 2021

An EPIC INJUSTICE to AMERICA. Thank you Chairman Powell

My portfolio is near an all time high and there isn't much to do.  It is summer.  Markets are rather thin in some of the names I own.  Bids can get pushed on extremely light volume.   Beaches in the Hamptons are again full.   It's the way it is.   

So, with nothing to do but sit,  and never forget it is the sitting that can make the big money I wanted to say something about the United States Federal Reserve Bank.

If you ever hear the words, " We are from the Federal Reserve Bank and are here to help",   run, don't walk away.

The entire system is predicated on debt expansion and cheap money.   That is it.  They know it, I know it, you know it.

There is no path to normal.   The Fed balance sheet has doubled to over $8,000,000,000,000.00 and going over $9 trillion soon.

First inflation, then hyperinflation.  The only unknown is the time line.  And that boys and girls, you can take to the bank!


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