Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Wake up America

We live in a country that has a currency that is dying.

America has $100 plus trillion in debts for unfunded liabilities.

80 million producers cannot maintain this socialist system. Open borders.

Endless wars (financed on the back of you, your children, and their children.)

50 million eat courtesy of food stamps.

When governments die they tax the people in all ways to make the inevitable go on.

We are debt slaves. Who holds the debts? Our masters. 

Those masters own both political parties. This is a truth.  With the Central Bank (FEDERAL RESERVE BANK) scamming us, nothing will be done as long as people have their TV's, ipods, shiny cars, marble countertop kitchens, and nights out for dinner. 

95% of so called educated people have no idea.  It's starting.

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