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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Fun. What's your definition?

When you ask anyone what makes them happy or what do they consider real fun or how they define success, most will look at you like you just asked them for the theorem to calculate the pull of gravity.  Isn't that amazing?   So few can define their happiness.

Here is fun.   Simple.    FUN!

Flying into Billings, Montana you will be picked up and delivered to the ranch by Pam's husband, Dean.   Once at the ranch there are plenty of things to do besides hiking, fishing, rock hounding, enjoying wild game meals, photography, exercising, visiting the world famous, “Jersey Lilly” Bar and CafĂ© in Ingomar, Montana.  Your trip is at your leisure whether you hike, canoe or want to try any of the other activities the Parisian family enjoys.  Dean heartily recommends naps, reading, zero use of TV or social media, light exercise, star gazing, evening bonfires and doing it all again the next day.  Pam believes that while women of a certain age may no longer be designated scenic, they are most certainly still wild.  There is no finer place than the unspoiled Yellowstone River of Montana to really unwind, let the hair down and appreciate  lasting and meaningful relationships.  One might say that the Ghost Ranch is an exceptional place for friends to hang out and savor the scenic sights, sounds and moments that Montana provides. 
It's your trip so pick and choose what you feel or do nothing;  simply recharge and relax!
Pam says the ranch offers a relaxing, laid back respite from the rigors of work and  recommends at least a 5-day, 4-night excursion to  best enjoy it.  Pam suggests a trip be scheduled during the early fall months when the mosquitoes are quiet and the beautiful fall foliage is “in color”.
We can’t guarantee a gorgeous Montana sunset every night but we think it's a distinct possibility!
Here are other things to consider if you feel like it;
  • Watch deer with high-powered optics!  The ranch is home to a large number of of deer.
  • Rock & agate hunting
  • Pick your deer stand for your photography backdrops!
  • Hunt for fresh water mussel shells 
  • Fishing
  • Shooting  (Dean is a Range Safety Officer)
  • Canoeing
  • Hunt for buffalo bones along the river bank.  The Yellowstone River was the summer home to thousands of bison as written in the journals of Lewis & Clark.  The herds were so loud at night it was difficult to sleep.   During spring flooding, hundreds of buffalo would drown and be swept downstream where their bones were covered by sentiment and now are fairly easy to find along the bank.
  • Bird watching, especially sandhill cranes
  • View and photograph large numbers of deer fawns
  • Kite flying
  • Wildlife photography
  • Hunt agates and petrified wood
  • Drone photography
  • Evening campfires on the river
  • Star gazing
  • Shed antler hunting
  • Hunt for wild turkey feathers during the molt.
  • Sit on the river bank and enjoy the sights and sounds of the famed Yellowstone River the same way William Clark and Sacagawea experienced it in 1806.  
We know that Ghost Ranch life will get into your soul and we've been told on numerous times it can change one's outlook on dealing with stress and urban life.  We hope your visit will create some of the best memories of any vacation.

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