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Sunday, August 05, 2018

MY GREATEST DEER ...............

There aren't any do-overs in parenting.   My greatest work has been within the walls of my home.   I was blessed to be given the task of getting two sons into the adult world and along the way I tried my best to expose them to many of the sights and sounds of the natural world that I had the opportunity to experience with my own Dad growing up.   I have been hunting deer for over 50 years.  Along the way I have eaten a tremendous amount of venison.  Some years I shot alot of deer, some years I shot a few and some years I didn't shoot a single animal.   I have always had fun hunting.   Back in the early 90's I was privileged to hunt a private farm in Turner County, Georgia.    As a guest, I didn't care to impose on the resident landowner hunters and always tried to go out of my way to hunt areas on the farm where my hunting on foot wouldn't bother anyone.   I just would go for a walk.    Deer in south Georgia are as nocturnal as they come and hunting on foot, spot n stalk in the woods, with two sons tagging along in my footsteps was a whole new experience.   I am not certain how much luck there was that weekend, or good shooting, or just plain great stalking by the 3 Parisian boys but I remember we got one and the picture tells the story.  That was many years and many deer ago.   For me and for them.   It was a memorable hunt and one they will probably forget over time.  For me, it was one of the greatest experiences in the woods a Dad could ever have.     

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