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Friday, January 26, 2018

The New England Patriots in the Super Bowl in Minneapolis

I like the New England Patriots.  Started following them many years ago.  I like their coach and the owner.  The organization seems to exhibit many traits that I admire.  They do the best they can do.  They try not to make the mistakes that will fail them.  They hustle.  They bring a very focused demeanor to their game.

What does it take to get to the top?  In football, or accounting, or sales, or management?  Without a doubt, the few individuals who get to play in the Super Bowl every year are at the very top of their profession.  There are no part-time players in the Super Bowl.  No part-time, apathetic, half-baked or half-committed ones.  They are there because they made a conscious decision to do whatever it takes to get to the Super Bowl.   Those Super Bowls players aren't just putting in their time in the NFL for a retirement check.    Most of those players in the Patriots locker room are focused on only thing, to do their job, every play, every game.

As the chase for great football players at the high school and college level has increased it still remains that 50% of the NFL teams will lose every Sunday.  Every Sunday, cornerbacks and safety's who make millions will get beat and give up game winning touchdowns.   Coaches will get fired every year.   High School players who all seem to think they are D-1 caliber will flame out in the off-season.  The work was too hard they say.  Colleges keep building temples to the teams and for the fans who then want winning programs.  Have you, in your life ever watched a team increase their winning with a new stadium? 

For all the kids out there who sit on the benches I was fortunate enough to sit on over the years remember this.  There are no traffic jams in the extra mile.  Ability is secondary to hard work.  Who wants to pay the price?  Is there a team that works harder than the New England Patriots?  Is it any wonder they are the cream of the NFL year in and year out?  I hope it is a great Super Bowl this year.  I hope the better team wins the game.  I hope no player is injured and that Minneapolis puts it's best foot forward for the big game.  I hope it is a super game to watch!   

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