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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Street fight in the badlands............

Ever been out hunting in rough country and get tired?   I have.  Alot. So you probably do what I do right?   I take a nap.  I find a nice place to lay down and relax. Maybe eat a protein bar, take in some water, close my eyes and kick it back.   So I am out in the middle of the West, about 5 miles from the truck, feeling like the first person to meander around these gumbo knobs since the dinosaurs and I take a nap.  I wake up from my nap.  I look around.  I see a bunch of deer with a couple of bucks in the bunch about 180 yards away feeding.  I glass them and like the look of this guy.  I ease my rifle up and shoot this buck.  The deer drops like they usually do when I shoot.  It is what I intend anyway. So I haven't moved, the other deer run off over the ridge and there I lay.   Mission accomplished right?   So in a few seconds here comes another buck back over the ridge at full tilt.  The buck is running at this buck that is laying dead.   The live buck proceeds to gore this guy like you just can't believe.  There is deer hair flying everywhere!  That buck was laying the wood to his dead buddy, getting "even" with him for not letting him get close to that doe group.  What a sight it was!!!  

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