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Monday, February 29, 2016


The level of ignorance as to the state of the economy is almost 95%, probably higher.

I understand people focus on their slice of jobs, their businesses, their family and their community and not the larger picture but when I say 'the economy is shit and the stock market is a crime scene' they look at me with utter bemusement. 

I've just stopped talking about it.  

Negative interest rates,  the war on cash, QE,  Fed banker love, it doesn't seem to end.

And with an avowed Socialist running for President and another candidate under investigation by the FBI for mishandling information it makes a professional wrestling match look intellectual. 

The chaos is coming .......   the following link should wake you up quickly if you have been in a Kardashian, social media, NFL, iTurd or Oscar's fog............

click and listen to the greed and pain.......

Chaos, pain & greed

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