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Sunday, December 20, 2015

December 20, 1953

It all started back on a Sunday.  The date was December 20th,  1953 at Stevens County Memorial Hospital in Morris, MN.   I was born at 2:49 pm.    I was 5.55 ounces.  I was 18.5 inches long.   My eyes were bluish grey and my hair was black.  There was a full moon that night.   My parents brought me home from the hospital on Christmas Day,  1953.  Dr. Eide was the delivering Doctor. 

My parents lived at 404 E. 6th Street in Morris, MN when I was born.  When I was baptized I was dressed in the dress my mother and grandmother were baptized in 46 years ago.   I was baptized by Father Harlow Sheldon.  My godparents were my aunt, Alyce Mae Parisian Myers and my uncle, Jack Parisian.

On December 20 in Morris, MN the maximum average temperature for  a HIGH is 20 degrees Fahrenheit and the average LOW temperature is 6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dec. 20, 1953
Actual Time
8:00 AM CST
4:42 PM CST
Civil Twilight
7:26 AM CST
5:16 PM CST
Nautical Twilight
6:48 AM CST
5:54 PM CST
Astronomical Twilight
6:12 AM CST
6:30 PM CST
4:54 PM CST (12/20)
8:23 AM CST (12/20)
Length of Visible Light
9h 50m
Length of Day
8h 41m

Full, 100% of the Moon is Illuminated
Dec 20
Dec 27
Last Quarter
Jan 4
Jan 11
First Quarter
Jan 18

The hospital was completed in 1952  at a cost of half a million dollars and had 50 beds. It was one of the few fully accredited hospitals in west-central Minnesota.   I was birth number 122-53-201332, the son of Douglas Eugene Parisian and Betty Dorene Marquart Parisian.  My parents were engaged in 1948 and applied for a wedding license in the city of Minneapolis.  Dad was 27 and resided at 2107 Portland Avenue and Mom was 21 and resided at 618 East 22nd Street in south Minneapolis.

I am an enrolled member of the Mississippi Band of Minnesota Chippewa Indians, White Earth Reservation.  

Dwight Eisenhower was in the White House when I arrived. 

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