Sunday, September 13, 2015

Peyton Barber, Auburn running back

Five very short years ago I had the opportunity to watch Peyton Barber as a Junior in high school when he played for the Milton Georgia high school program.  My son, Jordan Parisian, was in his first year at Milton playing football as a freshman and it was Coach DeCristofaro's first year in bringing the Milton program up to where it needed to be.  Coach D got the Milton players to buy into the hard work year 'round.  The off-season weight training was special.

It took me all of about 3 plays watching the fall practice to see this Barber kid was special.  It took watching him about 6 plays to see he was going to be a hell of a college running back.  It took a game to see that he could play at whatever college he wanted whether he was recruited or not. 

In football, cream still rises to the top.

I can't believe it took Peyton this long to garner a starting spot but hey, the Auburn coaches finally figured it out.

They couldn't have a better running back and person on the field to represent their University.

What a nice young man.  Humble, hard-working and gifted with the ball.

I hope he signs a massive professional contract some day.  The kid is a winner.

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