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Monday, September 21, 2015

Just leave the Democrats in charge..........

You know it's bad when you log on and see that "Chicago 53 shootings" is trending on the internet.  Obama has time to worry about things like in Texas when a Muslim kid brings a clock to school that looks like a bomb but he turns a blind eye to Chicago every weekend.

Eight people were killed at at least 45 were wounded in Chicago between Friday evening and early this morning making it the second most violent weekend in Chicago this year.

Forty or more where shot every weekend from late July to late August.  Stunning huh?

Since March, the number of gunshot victims has reached double digits every single weekend and since April, the number has always been 25 or more.

This weekends shootings bring the total for 2015 to at least 2,213.  Dam, that is alot of ammo and an increase of more than 350 over last year.  So far, 365 have died.

If you have ever shot a pistol you will understand how many people have to get shot AT to have hit 53 (thank God only 8 died out of the 53).  

Just imagine how many shots were taken by these thugs to hit 53 over the weekend.

War zones are alive and well in America.

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