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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Weekend rumble..........

Nice to hear Dr. Ben Carson school the race-baiting hustler Reverend J. Jackson today.

Well done, Dr. Ben Carson!   You will have my vote sir.

The quake out Napa way should drive wine prices higher from grapes that were harvested in years past.    That's how it works with wine and gasoline.  

The military industrial complex must be salivating at the possibility of engagement with ISIS.  Boots on the ground is money in the bank!

Watching Hoover HS and Miami Central HS yesterday was great football.  Congrats to the coaches and players from both teams.

Tom Milnor and company opened another beautiful store in Acworth Georgia this weekend.  Great job to all.  Unfortunately there are far too many part timers working there than full timers.  Thank you President ZERO for that.

Hard to believe that Labor Day is about here.  Seems like last week the Christmas decorations were being taken down. 

Congratulations to the Milton High School Angling Team!  Things are off to a good start.

And finally a hearty High Five to my pal, quarterback Brian Moore of the Alpharetta Bears.  You got it done pal!   Keep it rolling!

And one more thing.  There has been a near generation of "blue-hairs" that have been robbed of a return on their lifetime work by the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates artificially low.   One thing I would pay big money to see would be a caravan of AARP types protesting at the Federal Reserve Banks around the country.  We all would be lucky.   Rise up sheeple, rise up!!!!

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