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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Los Angeles, briefly speaking

Does anyone work in LA?

I wonder how all the hipsters find each other at a dark club?  They all look alike.

What happened to the originality of California? 

The  ROXY is still going.   Only if those walls could tell stories............been many years since partying there.

The traffic, scores of Muslim women shopping on Rodeo Drive wearing niqab's and head scarves, the zombies texting everywhere, did I mention the traffic?

All 3 of the near car accidents I was privy too were with blondes.

How do they get away with watering their lawns in Beverly Hills?  Isn't there a water shortage in Los Angeles? 

$625 for a T-shirt is too much at Ralph Lauren.

I didn't see much of the over 55 crowd out and about. 

The nasty tats on those beautiful young gals will look rather rough in the years to come.

Is it worth a multi-hour wait to get one's picture taken with Robin Williams "STAR" on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Spago was over-rated and over-priced.  Service was good but not what I expected.  Not even close to exceeding my expectations.


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