Monday, September 30, 2013

Boys will be boys.................


This Saturday I start my sojourn into Montana's Missouri River breaks country to find a massive bighorn sheep with Lindsey Channel.  Being the bright, smart, prepared, talented guy that I always wanted to be I thought it prudent to begin my prep work and put up my High Sierra tent to make sure all the pieces were in place BEFORE heading out.

There are eight (8) small stakes that are not with the tent.  They are not in the bag with the tent poles either.   All of that is to be kept in the yellow tent bag.   Do either of you know where those tent stakes might be?

It's not that I can't run to Alpharetta Outfitters and get more, it's that all of that is to be kept together so this doesn't have to happen at least to me.   Lets do better going forward.

Over and out.

Love you to the moon!


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