Friday, August 02, 2013

Montana Game Wardens

Since the first part of the year I have the pleasure to speak with four Law Enforcement agents, game wardens, conservation officers, whatever you care to call them that all work for the people and the wildlife of the great state of Montana.  I asked questions of all of them.   They all gave me solid answers and then some.  Impressive to say the least.   I talk to wardens across many western states and hopefully as a future Montana resident, it is refreshing to know the quality of personnel engaged to protect the states resources.

In no particular let me call them out.

Lee Burroughs
Matt Hagedorn
Kevin Holland
Ezra Schwalm

All well spoken and professional.  In fact I learned a thing or two.

They don't have easy jobs.  The pay isn't great but dang they catch some beautiful sunsets and breathe some clean air.    

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