Saturday, August 31, 2013

MILTON HS vs. ALPHARETTA HS 8.30.2013 First Varsity Start


When you get out on the field tonight they will play the National Anthem.   I want you to remember your Great Grandfather Victor Parisian who fought in the fields of France for that flag.  I want you to remember your Grandfather Douglas Parisian who served in the Army Air Force as a pilot and who always respected and honored our American flag.  That flag represents so much good in our country, our town and our family.   A lot of hard work went into keeping that flag and our nation free.

You are no stranger to hard work.

I want you to remember your family and all of the time you and I were able to spend together over the years on various practice fields and exciting games.    This is what it comes down to.

Tonight, you get to start for a great team at a great school.   Play hard, play clean, and let your play on the field do the talking.   Be a leader when the going gets tough out there.  Rally your teammates.

I know you will shine tonight.  The great ones elevate their performance on the greatest stages with the highest stakes and are able to summon something extra.

You are a great football player.  Always have been.  Tonight, you get to light it up and show the world.  Win or lose, you are a winner and always will be.



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