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Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Birthday America!

The 4th of July is known as Independence Day, not Dependence Day. This is a day we celebrate the Declaration of Independence … proclaiming our independence from Great Britain and the heavy-handed governance King George was inflicting on the colonies. Now we have turned near half of the voters in this country not only supporting, but celebrating another ruler (his words, not mine) who governs with every bit the heavy handedness of the British King we fought for liberty 236 year ago.

My beef with the 4th of July is that so many of the people who go to such great lengths to celebrate this holiday – perhaps even a majority – are much more tuned in to dependence rather than independence, and security rather than freedom. There’s a reason the word “security” beats “freedom” by a 9:1 margin in presidential speeches.
So you believe in freedom? You’re waving sparklers and flags on the 4th? Tell me, do you want to be free to make arrangements for your own medical care in a free market environment? No? I didn’t think so. After all, your health care is your employer’s responsibility, isn’t it? You love freedom, yet you think that you have a “right to health care? Tell me, just how are you going to get that health care without some individual either providing services or materials. You have a “right” to those things though  right? Tell me, freedom lover, just how much of that person’s life or property do you have a “right” to?

So you believe in freedom? What did you think about George W. Bush’s idea on partial Social Security privatization? He wanted to take about 2% of the 14% you have yanked out of your earnings for Social Security, and allow you to invest that 2% on your own. The account would have been yours, and you could have passed it on to your spawn when you took the eternal celestial dirt nap! Did you like that idea? No? Wassamatta?  Too chancy for you?  Too much freedom at the expense of your security?
I could go on with this rant but you get the point. By and large Americans are MUCH MORE in love with the idea of government-provided security than they are with government-protected liberty. And these people will be out there tomorrow watching the fireworks and waving their flags.

Know what? Here’s an idea. We actually need two American Flags. We need one for people who value freedom over security, and the other for people who, as Obama said, look at the federal government as their parents. Hey Papa Obama, Mama Michelle! What’s for dinner? Will you come tuck me in?

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