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Monday, March 26, 2012

Home from India

We headed to the airport in Rajasthan a day ago and arrived back on American soil midday yesterday.   Great to be home in this great country even with the marxist in the White House trying to turn us into an India.  Ever been to India?  Imagine 4 times the number of people in our nation on a third of the land mass.  The poverty, pollution and corruption is hard to fathom and I had to look no farther than a fellow guest at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Delhi to see a "fraudster" of epic proportion.  It was none other than Christine Lagarde.  Also there at the same time was the Dalai Lama, go figure.  Doing a deal maybe? 

I'll have more to say in the weeks ahead, right now our good friend Ben Bernanke is promising another round of QE to the Nth power.

I'll take it.

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