Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hunters helping big game populations...........


Lets help each other out and tell everyone where the wolves are so we can up our wolf harvest. Im hoping that we would all like to support this wolf locator map to help reduce the wolf population and hopefully restore the herds they have damaged.

The map is located on my website www.RidgelineOutdoors.com. For this to work ill need you all to let me know when (date) and where (specific location ) you have a sighting, tracks, harvest, wolf kill, whatever.... email this information to ridgelineoutdoors@hotmail.com and ill get it updated quickly.

Please forward this to your friends so we can get this started. Thanks for your help and go kill one!

Here is the map. These are only my personal experiences in the past few weeks so there are only a few. http://ridgelineoutdoors.com/wolf_map.html Lets get more on here, anywhere in the west.

Travis Brown 208.870.2599

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