Thursday, August 18, 2011


With the European markets down 3% and the European banks getting hammered to the downside all with the absence of any of those bastardly short-sellers things should get wild today.  Gold doing what it should be doing and Mr. Chavez helping gold longs in a very big way.  Thank you Cesar, thank you.

The POTUS sitting out on a golf course and watching the waves on vacation and planning his "new" plan to gainfully change the unemployment problem is rather sad.   Actions speak louder than words.  There is no plan.  He has no plan for America.  It is only about the sound bites to get re-elected. 

I seldom ever grab a platform to shout market direction over any time frame but something tells me that when he speaks in September one may short the S&P e-mini's when the speech starts and cover when the speech  ends and be a wealthier investor.  That's one of my plans.  Today my plan is to watch gold and silver continue higher.  Kaching! 

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