Tuesday, May 10, 2011

America's line-in-the-sand...........

How do you change a system in which political, legal and regulatory capture has been achieved and the electorate either does not care or does not give a "you know what?" The biggest laugh is that people believe the Madoff was caught, he wasn't, he turned himself in. Eventually he found a conscience. It is remarkable that the populace remains effectively paralyzed. I am convinced that the status quo remains until the US discovers how broke they are. We have lost our country, we watched it happen and stood by like cowards. We still are cowards. They know it. It's actually not surprising in historical terms at the ending of any 'Empire' (Ceasers Rome, Venice, Greece, British, Napolean etc). They end came by always being saturated in crumbling money, servants, luxury, corruption and self-delusion. That's where we're at I'm afraid.

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