Monday, December 20, 2010

Alpharetta WalMart theft............

The shoplifting at our local WalMart store is out of control.  I spoke with a law enforcement officer on Saturday inside the store and he spoke with honesty and humor.   They can't stop it.  The thieves don't live locally and just show up to steal at will.

I was with my son and a friend to purchase night crawlers to go fishing.  Worms.  They were all gone, stolen.  Gone.   They had left the dirt and the containers and all the worms had vanished.   I hate shopping at WalMart and having to see all of the thieving.  Recently I saw an employee stealing.

If anyone from WalMart would care to call and discuss the above feel free.  I am easy to find.

My cell is 877-772-1621.

Those punks from south Atlanta look to be having a catfish Christmas.

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