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Monday, November 01, 2010

Irish Setter boots, the Elk Tracker 880

I am really disappointed in this boot.  Always wanted a pair and got around to picking up a pair at the Sportsmans Warehouse in Chattanooga, TN.   Put about 25 miles on my first pair, oiled them and all of a sudden they just wear out my left arch with poor stitching once the boot was pliable and was fitting my foot.  There was a large knot from a leather joint that was about as hard as diamonds and it was just killing me on every step.   So, I called the GM back in TN, he had another pair, I rolled up there two weeks ago and started the process all over.  Next thing I know I have a large blister on the heel of my right foot.   I don't get it.   I have more hunting boots than Carters has liver pills and I get a couple Irish Setter duds.

I should have asked for a discount in having to drive 200 miles to pick up the last pair.    It's my last pair of Irish Setters I will ever purchase.  One pair of dud boots, your fault,  two pair of duds, well, definitely your fault,  there won't be a third time.   I have had enough.  

Here's what Irish Setter has to say about the boot.

"Constructed entirely of super premium work-grade leathers, the Elk Tracker is our “Franchise Player”. It breaks in fast and fits great from the word go. With sturdy cleats that grab hold on any terrain, this big time performer makes even seasoned hunters its #1 fan"

I have to say that is all nonsense.  Hype.  BS.

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