Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The best example of "senseless" in history

They just kept kicking him. Bobby Tillman was 5-foot-6 and 124 pounds, not big enough to defend himself against four bigger teenagers, now charged in his death.  Nor was Tillman the sort to have started a fight. He was in a crowd of kids leaving a house party in Douglasville Saturday night. He provoked no one, and he must have been stunned when another teenager stalked across the street and hit him hard in the head. He fell to the street, his head striking the curb. Then three others were there, and they all fell upon him, police and witnesses said.  Jourdan Ferguson, 19, said she tried to stop the beating.  “It was unfair. It was pointless,” Ferguson said. She said she yelled at the teenagers, "Stop stomping him!"  Then she leaped in, tried to pull the attackers away. But she's only 5 feet tall.  She couldn't stop it.

Witnesses said the beating was over in a minute.

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