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Monday, February 01, 2010

Native American Red Horse Air

Red Horse Air is a new air service covering the western United States starting service in the second quarter 2010. The service is given the name of air taxi, which is similar to a charter but unlike a charter you only pay for the time on the aircraft.

Red Horse Air is more than just a typical Air Taxi service, the service and luxury that Red Horse Air delivers to its clients make it more of an Air Limousine Service. Red Horse Air offers air travel to business and leisure travelers that appreciate the convenience of an air limousine.

Red Horse Air uses a fleet of 4-passenger Cessna Mustang “micro” jets to shuttle its clients to and from their destinations. The Cessna Mustang has a cruising speed of 340 Knots or 390 mph and a range of 1150 Nautical Miles or 1320 miles and a ceiling of 41,000 feet. The Mustang flies higher than commercial airliners and approximately the same cruising speed as other commuter aircraft. However, the exceptional flight efficiency and the comfort for its passengers make the Mustang superior to other commuter aircraft.

As a part of the Native American experience with Red Horse, clients may educate themselves about the culture, history and traditions of regional Native tribes. The aircraft are outfitted with a magazine published by Red Horse Aviation and featuring articles discussing one or more tribes.

Mission Statement:

Red Horse Aviation‟s mission is to usher in a new age for all American Indian Nations by becoming the leader within the aviation field, by providing service and hospitality on a level that only the American Indian people can provide.

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