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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A factually challenged President

Last nights OBAMA address from my old stomping grounds at USMA, West Point were typical Obama oration. In the delivery of his speech, President Obama used the word "I" 43 times. He used the words "victory" and "win" zero times. I guess the political ego trumps victory and winning.

The Nobel 'Peace' Prize winner is going to escalate the war and has only guaranteed the eventual loss of this war against savage and mindless forces in Afghanistan. It is a prescription for a slow hemorrhaging loss. Giving the Taliban an end-date further complicates matters by ensuring that the enemy will simply wait us out then take over in fierce fighting. You can never tell an enemy when you're going home--how would that help your team now on the ground, or the opponent knowing you have no skin in the game for the long haul. Study your history and you will see that Russia at one time had about 180,000 decent fighters in Afghanistan and they got their ass kicked.

No one has asked me but leave the rocks and mountains and opium afields alone. If you want some results use air power and save the VA hospitals from further occupancy.

If Obama wants to establish order in a drug-ridden, illiterate part of the world he would do well to start with Detroit.

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