Thursday, December 17, 2009


I consider myself lucky. I have a good dentist. She doesn't lie and tell me I need upteen procedures done, she doesn't lie and tell me I have a cavity when I have nothing more than a light stain, she doesn't lie and tell me that tooth number 12 needs a special crown. All in all, she doesn't even mind that I continually tell her that X-rays are unnecessary and do nothing for me and everything for her bottom line. I would think that dentists, due to the fact they have so little scale in their incomes outside of hygienists fabricating stories for them are on the same level as stockbrokers and used-car salesmen as far as integrity goes.

Maybe lower.

Always, always question your dentist. I would think 90% of the time it isn't about your dental health, it is about their income. Put that in your mouth and grind on it!

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