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Friday, October 16, 2009

The more I think about it........

It is tiring to hear the excuses in America these days. I hate the whining. I hate the guys who think working 40 hours a week is a killer. I hate the guys who yack about their lack of health care as they fire up a smoke. I hate the welfare mentality that is alive and well (and growing). I'm tired of Goldman Sachs and their lock on finace and government. I am tired of watching Obama on television, (I always turn off th sound when I see him). I hate the phone calls that solicit from Mumbai, the eubonics in McDonalds, the lack of people in my home town greeting others, the youth on their cell phones and texting like sheep headed to a bedding ground. I hate the Democrats, I hate the Republicans. I hate liars like those at USA FOXX. I hate all the commercial development where I live. I hate all the power lines that are such a blight, in fact, the largest form of visual pollution in the country. There's alot to hate. And even more to love.

Enjoy the weekend. Be happy you live in America.

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