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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Ken Lewis and lunatics.........

Poor guy. He will be much farther than up to his ass in legal issues before all is said and done.

This cat cost his shareholders billions, fiduciary duty be damned.

Paulson and Bernanke and their bosses will cost us trillions. The truth is we have a multi-trillion dollar cover-up by banks which amounts to felony fraud on a massive scale and the slime who who have gotten us here are still in Palm Beach driving their Maserati's. It wasn't the folks in Mandaree or Porcupine that got us here.

Americans, God bless us, aren't thinking. Maybe I give Americans far too much credit for brains because we reside in a country where our Congress needs to convene to consider passing a law telling 360,000,000 people that texting while driving is now illegal, in a nation with that many clueless idiots, who can't figure this out for themselves----why,we deserve what we get shoved down our financial gullets.

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