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Friday, September 04, 2009

Ted Nugent telling it like it is.............

By Ted Nugent

The problem with being host to the United Nations is that it attracts many of the world’s thugs, punks and dictators like flies to a summertime barbecue left out too long.

And when the U.N. General Assembly convenes on September 23, we’ll again be treated to a parade of the worst of the worst, ranging from “Apocalypse Wow” Ahmadinejad to Hugo Chavez and Hu Jintao.

And we’ll be treated to the presence of Moammar Gaddafi,… the dictator punkmaster who runs Libya.

Gaddafi is coming to the United Nations to give a speech that will make about as much sense as out of tune goat music. Dogs in Central Park will bay in confusion and chase their tails. Sena. Chuck Schumer, of course, will probably agree with the speech and, like Gaddafi, blame America for all the world’s problems. And, in protest, our secretary of state will buy another pantsuit.

Gaddafi recently threw a “get out of jail” party for mass murderer Abdel Baset al-Megrahi after the United Kingdom cut an oil deal with Libya that included releasing the Lockerbie killer after serving just eight years for mass murdering hundreds of innocent people.

189 Americans were slaughtered over Lockerbie by this butcher. I’m praying he dies a slow, agonizing death and that the United Kingdom’s government is infested with the fleas, gnats and blowflies that inhabit Gaddafi’s oil rich tent.

Gaddafi is a toxic wart on the world’s stage who, if our country was run by patriots instead of loony leftists, would be denied a visa into the United States to give his speech at the United Nations. However, this won’t happen because Barry O’s international policy is one of apology for international America hating terrorist scum such as Gaddafi.

Terrorist bankrollers such as Gaddafi don’t respect Barry O and America. This was on
full display when terrorist supporter Gaddafi literally wanted to pitch his tent in the community of Englewood, N.J. when he travels to New York to give his loony speech.

Englewood lost 39 citizens in the Lockerbie mass killing, which Gaddafi financed. Gaddafi knew this but obviously wanted to pour salt into the wounds of the American families who lost loved ones over Lockerbie and was confident the American paper tiger would not interfere.

Rep. John Alder and the Englewood mayor told Gaddafi in no uncertain terms to go pitch his tent somewhere else. There were no strong words from Barry O and crew to Gaddafi and his circus tent terrorist sideshow clowns.

Eventually Gaddafi backed down and is reportedly now going to stay at a swanky New
York City hotel. Regardless how soft the economy, no hotel in the Big Apple should allow murdering-in-the-name-of-Allah Gaddafi in their front door. Not so close to Ground Zero, one would think.

Instead, we should tell Gaddafi to pitch his tent in the backyard of the United Kingdom embassy in D.C. and to then have Gordon Brown’s government shuttle the terror punk to the United Nations in New York City.

No nation has any respect for Barry O, including our supposed friends and allies who will turn their backs on America when it benefits their interests. Margaret Thatcher would never have betrayed America — or risked her relationship with Ronald Reagan — by releasing a mass murderer for oil.

Winston Churchill is rolling over in his grave.

My advice to the American families of the victims is to not wait for Barry O to strongly condemn the United Kingdom for this murderer-for-oil deal. What these families should do is to call a press conference and make a united statement condemning the United Kingdom.

It appears that the United Kingdom has become a spineless and weak people and country. Like France, they used to be an international power. No more. These are not my words but the words of a London cab driver who I spoke with a couple of years ago. The cabby told me he desperately wanted to leave the United Kingdom and move to America. I wanted to give him a gun, but instead told him to remember the Alamo.

So, while a bureaucratic punk in the Brown administration was busy denying radio talk show host Michael Savage entry into the United Kingdom for “hate speech,” the same Brown government was in negotiations with a terrorist supporting nation to trade a mass murderer for oil. Just another reason to never trust a bureaucratic government punk.

The London cabby was only part right when he told me the United Kingdom was weak. Little did he know, but his government was also cutting deals with terrorists.

The sun long ago set on the United Kingdom’s empire. All that remains can be swept under the rug in Gaddafi’s tent.

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