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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jamie Dimon, J.P. Morgan Chase

Mr. Dimon,

You are a pretty smart guy. Harvard Business School smart. You haven't accumulatd what you have without being brilliant or lucky or friends with Sandy or just TARP happy. In fact, your move to withdraw $250,000,000 out of the Madoff quagmire was brilliant timing. I bet you had some interesting "transparency" on that move.

I came to your bank via the Washington Mutual acquisition. I've been a good retail bank customer. You bank pays virtually zero interest on my bank balances which at times have been very high. Your bank has some fine employees in the Chase blue and black. Make no mistake, your employees are capable. Unfortunately our relationship is coming to an end. You see, I've been around too long. When transparency goes away, Dean Parisian goes away. What is your bank hiding? Why are your policies so archaic, so smoke and mirrors? Why can't your bank be a model citizen and champion full transparency? Why can't you compete with your competition on either side of you and up and down the street? All I wanted was a simple HELOC. A HELOC I was told I had except the losers at Washington Mutual failed to do their part and lie. No wonder that outfit is bust. I wanted nothing major. No rush. A simple HELOC. I only wanted the paperwork 48 hours in advance of the closing date to review with my real estate attorney what it was I was to sign. Review with my attorney on my dime. Fairly simple right Jamie? I bet you would do the same thing as bright as you are. Have your team of legal eagles review what you may be on the hook for with your John Hancock. This isn't derivatives trading or flash trading or naked short selling. Nothing illegal here, no need for Mary Shapiro to frown on your team. Just business. Let the customer review what documents they are going to sign BEFORE the closing. We all know what the law is, the 3-day right of recission AFTER signing. You see Jamie I only wanted the paperwork 48 hours PRIOR to signing. Not hard Jamie, easy. Good business easy. Smart business easy. Chase made it easy to leave.

Farewell Jamie.

There's transparency ahead.

With best wishes,

Dean Parisian

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