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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Native American Health..........

In the Senate's version of the stimulus, $545 million would be dedicated to Indian health care and $325 million would be set aside for public safety and justice on reservations.

Let me get this straight. The way I see it, I am responsible for my health. For keeping fit. For eating right. For watching my weight and what I put in my mouth. For all the exercise I do. For how much I eat and the quality of the food I eat. For not smoking. For not drinking. For not doing drugs.

You see, I hate pills. I love walking shoes. I suggest shoes over pills. Imagine if every Native American were given shoes to walk and exercise in by the government? After 12 months I bet my shoes that Indian Country would be far healthier. But the responsibility lies with Indian Country to do it. Not the federal government.

When will Native America tire of being the victim and take that responsibility?

Remember what my friend said: "All people are inherently responsible for their actions. Everyone is put here for a purpose. When people take the responsibility that is theirs, and eliminate the many facets of violence which are entrenched in their culture, then we can all address the health of human society and Grandmother Earth in an effective holistic way, and restore harmony and balance" —Wub-e-ke-niew

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