Monday, September 29, 2008

Election year.........

Folks, it is an election year. The people have let their views be known via those Congressmen and women who are up for reelection this fall.

Barney Frank blaming the Republicans is great comedy. Look, America needs to shut down these politicians. Congress needs term limits and they need them now. They need to shut off the spigots of the lobbyists. Congress, Wall Street and the inept regulators (SEC, FINRA) are all to blame besides those ungodly Americans who did all the lying on their mortgage applications the past few years. The government is not the answer. Government got us into this mess. Maybe they should legislate the Community Reinvestment Act out of existence for starters.

The stock market looks to be trading just fine. Sellers are meeting buyers at lower prices.

The Democratic leaderships response to this vote is as expected. Priceless rhetoric blaming everyone but themselves. Listening to these Congressmen tell the media about how hard they worked all weekend up until 1 a.m. on Sunday morning is also great comedy. Just the hours of about any small business person in America.

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