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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stock Market Volatility............

America is still the land of opportunity. If you read the financial pornography that the media tosses out every day you might think we are in our last days for the Republic. The buyers and sellers have been beating each up over the last few weeks and months and the calendar year hasn't been all that great. Call it what you want, recession, slow-down, lower growth rates, declining GNP, it is all the same, temporarily lower stock prices. It's a waste of time for me to try and time any market pull-back. I'll stick to my knitting and do what has served me so well over the years. Yes, stocks are cheaper now than they were last fall and might get cheaper before this year is out.

If you can get this through your thought process the next time you hear the world ending by some "fast-talking schizo" on CNBC you will be better off so listen up.

Stock market exposure solves long-term problems usually in excess of the inflation rate. Bonds don't.

And all bear markets turn into bull markets. Sit tight.

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