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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Native American Advisors, Inc.

If you think you are getting sound advice from a brokerage firm or a bank, think long and hard. For over a decade I was a New York Stock Exchange and NASD arbitrator and heard the stories of investors who sued brokers and their firms. It wasn't pretty. It was a demanding task and the longer I was an arbitrator the more fearful I became of Wall Street's sales mentality. Brokers are generally far more concerned with their income than an investor's outcome. Investors that confuse a sales pitch that generates a broker's income with impartial investment advice continually amaze us. When Americans finally wake up to their retirement nest-egg shortfalls "planned" by their local Rotary club stockbroker who sold them the latest investment fad de jour they might investigate what a fiduciary firm, offering unbiased independant financial and investment management is about. Do you think large professional investors use a stockbroker who is not a fiduciary? Not a chance. They are required to use fiduciary investment management firms like Chippewa Partners that protect and grow their portfolios.

Smart investors understand that an unbiased fiduciary investment manager like Chippewa Partners is a far superior alternative than a broker pushing their latest investment fad. Wall Street's mentality is about sales and marketing, not making clients money, understand that at your peril.

Recognize that what distinguishes Chippewa Partners is not only our assignment to manage serious wealth but an important means for allowing our valued clients to do the things that are most important to them. Like you, our plans, hopes and dreams inspire us every day and we are grateful for the opportunity to help our clients with their goals and to improve their lives. We believe it is a privilege to work for our clients. At Chippewa Partners we are about doing the right things, the right way, for the right reasons for clients who don't have the time, talent or training to manage a serious investment portfolio. Clients know the serious money we manage for them is serious business. Managing money for busy people with other things to think about deserves serious attention. Our expertise and track record developed over 25 years balances financial acumen and absolute integrity with dedicated professionalism. We welcome and invite your inquiry to manage your serious money.

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