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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Health on the Rez in South Dakota

A study recently released by Harvard University shows people on South Dakota's nine reservations have some of the shortest life spans in the United States. The average age is 66-years. A tribal health official say life expectancy among Natives in the state won't improve without more health care funding.

I say that the elders need to exercise. Every day. To lead the reservation youth by example in maintaining great health.

I say that the elders need to eat right. Every day. The best way to shut down diabetes is exercise and eating right. Every day.

Toss out the pills, throw out the smokes, stop indulging in alcohol. Just do it.

There is no money in great health. Doctors won't make a dime if everyone were healthy. Getting healthy and staying healthy is the greatest component of anyone's net worth. Instead of pills the pharmacy's should dispense great walking shoes.

Every day.

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