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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Over Lunch.........

A few days ago, a friend asked me sort of off-the-cuff who I would most enjoy going to lunch with every day for a week. In no particular order I rattled off John Stockton, Billy Mills, Dave Long, Bill Gates and Victor Neiderhoffer.

For those who don't know Victor Neiderhoffer, here is some background.

Victor Neiderhoffer is proudest of having a benevolent influence on people that came in contact with him. At least a dozen employees whom he started out or taught became billionaires or multi-centimillionaires, including Monroe Trout, Stu Rose, John Hummer and Roy Niederhoffer, all of whom are famous in money management or M&A.

Niederhoffer’s interests include the study and implementation of counting, ecology, electronics, entrepreneurship, free markets, music, sports, statistics, and strategy in checkers and chess. Favorite authors include Patrick O' Brian, Cervantes, Galton, Rand, Jack Schaeffer, Hugo, Melville, and Twain. He is well known in the field of racquet sports, where he was the undefeated national squash champion for a decade (1965-1975) and claimed the world squash title in 1976.

Victor Niederhoffer believes the purpose of life is the pursuit of happiness and achievement, and that the voluntary transactions that flow naturally out of an enterprise system are the key to material and personal freedom, and peace.

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