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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Only the names change............

Once again the fine power-mongers at DELTA AIRLINES are up to their old tricks.

There should be a Harvard Business School analysis of how DELTA management ripped off shareholders and once again are at it again. If DELTA is ever to fly high again the chief birds will have to stop feathering their own nests. Truly egregious.

On the same note is the Canadian saga of Nortel Networks. Here you had not only one management team take investors and shareholders to the cleaners but a SECOND management team that came in to clean up the first was also indicted. Now the company, (3rd management team) has agreed to pay (this is shareholder money folks, not money that just dropped into the corporate coffers from the ethernet) $2.4 BILLION to settle the earnings-manipulation scandal. Now, on top of this is the carnage they inflict on CURRENT shareholders with the massive dilution of equity stakes by issuing 628.7 MILLION new shares of stock to settle the law suits.

The beat goes on.........just another prime example of why owning real estate is great diversification, i have yet to ever have my real estate holdings diluted.

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