Thursday, September 28, 2006

Without guns, crime runs rampant..............

A handful of Gun Rights activists gathered at City Hall in New York City on Monday to hold the first "NYC Rally for Illegal Guns", an attempt to draw attention to Mayor Bloomberg's scheme to eviscerate Americans' Second Amendment Rights under the guise of fighting 'illegal gun' crime.

On a beautiful sunny day, the activists held giant black cardboard-cut out pistols emblazoned with pro-gun rights slogans and handed out educational literature and campaign flyers to hundreds of passers-by walking in the city's financial and legal districts bordering the halls of government.

Early today, WorldNetDaily. com, covering the rally, wrote, "Protesters carried giant-size cutouts of guns as they rallied yesterday in New York City in support of the constitutional right to bear arms, which, they say, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to destroy."

The WorldNetDaily article went on to quote the website of one of the rally's participants, Jeffrey Russell, the Libertarian Party candidate for United States Senator: "On his website," WorldNetDaily writes, "he says the right to self-defense is the most fundamental of all civil rights. 'Without it, we have no rights,' Russell said. 'Government should not make self-defense a crime. Merely possessing a firearm should not be a crime, and using a firearm in self-defense should not be a crime. The bad guys will always have access to weapons. The police cannot protect everyone, everywhere, all the time. We must allow and encourage the people to be responsible for themselves.' "

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