Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Potential Hedge Fund Regulation

Isn't it sad that our esteemed Congress in the attorney-laden city of Washington, DC wants to regulate the cowboys that are gunslinging massive pools of money around and making binary bets on commodities? Doesn't America have far bigger problems than very wealthy, rich investors who turn their money over to firms that are NOT registered with any regulatory body? (unlike Chippewa Partners and a zillion others)

These markets are zero-sum. I bet if the "winners" were to turn over a fraction of the billions made from the "other side" of the Amaranth trading last week and deposit afew bucks in the coffers of the Congressman or even the lobbyists the problem will continue to simmer but not boil. We have been through this within the last year. Enough money changed hands then to keep hedge funds unregulated.

What has changed?

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