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Friday, February 23, 2024

National Margarita Day

Last year I turned 70 and changed up my lifestyle.  I decided to sleep better, feel better, lose weight, be kind to my body in the few short years I have left on this revolving rock, and curtail my consumption of alcohol.   I was not a huge drinker, to begin with.   A beer here, a scotch there, some wine with dinner, just probably an average consumer.  I sure haven't gone cold turkey, I still will have a cold beer once in a while, especially after a good day of exercise and on occasion will join in at whatever party I am at.

I did have a beer at a great Super Bowl party this year and last night was invited to a party to celebrate National Margarita Day.  I am not certain if it was National Margarita Day in Mexico, Canada, or the United States but it didn't matter.

The friends, the food, the flavorful marg's were stunningly delicious.  Like martinis back in the day, one is never enough, and two is always, too many!  That mantra only applied to martinis because two or more tequila shots were always a conduit to taking clothes off in public!   The wild times in Mexico in the 1980s were a testament to that, maybe just living through those times was enough and to top it off I honestly NEVER walked on any vehicle hoods while the car was in motion, unlike my friends.    

I not only want to thank the wonderful Canadian hosts of the party who laid out such a beautiful spread of food and drink but to all the people from Canada I met!  These young ladies are terrific fun and humorous stories follow them 24/7.

I could have been hired as a dance instructor,  chauffeur, or security guard but I hope to see another few years of National Margarita Day in Mexico, same place, same time!  Neighbors by chance, friends for life.  

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