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Monday, September 18, 2023

CLIMATE CHANGE ie; Scam, Hoax, Lies, Graft, Tax

I have a few friends that tout "climate change".  They are still my friends and of course, have every right to be wrong.  They see the light but are afraid to reverse course and admit they are and were wrong in their thinking.

As you know, there are no global warming/climate change crises.  It's propaganda from the state to increase taxes and control.   Climate hysteria is the largest scam in human will translate into a fee/tax for every gram of carbon we use...the size of the home, the epa of the car, the number of kids, groceries bought as well as the type (i.e. meat vs. plant).  It is the single largest threat to life as we know it.

Listen up, boys and girls.  There is no "climate emergency". However, there is clearly an "Intelligence Deficit Emergency".  Just look around.  Anywhere in America.   Even on the freeways.   Everyone is glued to a cell phone.  Reading or watching garbage/reels and enhancing their addiction to dopamine.   On the other hand, they are perfectly fine with masks, lockdowns, and experimental “vaccines.”  Oh, almost forgot. And diversity!  The Democrats are overwhelmed with so many crises, threats, and emergencies to exploit for more power.  The complicit media flood the public with crazy distractions to cover up all their failed policies.  The existential threat of climate change, the latest COVID variant, systemic racism, trans rights, abortion, guns, the war in Ukraine, democracy, the shutdown of the government...and of course the ever-looming Bad Orange Man!

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