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Thursday, June 22, 2023

Page Lake, Hancock, MN 3 of the finest!


I don't have many regrets in life.  Well, a few come to think of it.  I wasn't born 6'2'' with blonde hair, I went to law school (huge regret) and probably one of the biggest regrets due to my love for swimming is NOT making this swim across Page Lake with the great and wonderful Healy girls.  We had always talked about swimming across Page Lake and just never got it done.

Last week I stopped in to the Lakeside Cemetary to visit my grandparents (graves) on a smokey, hazy, lazy day at Page Lake.  Lots of memories at that lake as a kid living in Morris, MN.   More memories working as a lifeguard during the summer of 1975.  Page Lake beach is not being used much this summer, maybe the internet and cell phones have done that to the Hancock kids biking out to the lake.   Maybe there isn't interest in getting some green algae on oneself when swimming. The crowd at Buddies Bar n Grille didn't have a clue either.

My only "SAVE" as a lifeguard was that summer.  The name of the girl escapes me but I will never forget her blue lips, how lucky she was and how lucky I was not to have to live with being on guard and losing a swimmer.   The young lady had dove off the raft and come up for air, getting her neck stuck in the metal braces of the raft under water.  It was a cool, cloudy, windy day and her hand was flailing between the waves and it took an instant to get to her and get her extricated from her predicament.  Sheer luck I saw her hand as there were few kids in the water.  

To Sherrie, Bonita and Evelyn it's not too late!  I am ready for a long haul!  Kid Dynamite is still good in the water but let's take a boat along just in case!               

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Evelyn Mulder said...

Ohhhh, Dean! I wasn’t going to open this but my sister Bonita assured me it was legit.
I haven’t been back to Page Lake to swim, for many, many years. But I too, love to swim yet.
My husband and I have a small lake cabin onLong Lake, Vergas, MN, so I can swim anytime I wish.
Yes,,,,,I’d love to swim across the lake, but I think taking a boat alongside would indeed be wise.
SO GOOD to hear from you !! Take carešŸ„°

Ev Mulder