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Sunday, May 14, 2023

New York Crime Spree was Ended!

No one in the community or his family stepped up to keep him off the street, yet 44 crimes weren't enough?  And those were the only ones that were counted!  Imagine all the other innocents he impacted? 44 warnings that he needed help. 44 victims of his criminal crimes, probably many more.   Anyone helping them?

New York City failed to protect him and the rest of its residents. It’s all on the failed leftist policy they follow. The brave man who intervened to protect people from criminal behavior shouldn’t have been forced to make that choice.

The criminal had three strikes against him, homeless, mentally ill, a drug addict.   He needed an institution where he could get clean from the drugs, be given proper food and medicine. But mental institutions are not politically correct.

New York failed. Others had to step up to stop the criminal from claiming victim 45, victim 46, and on and on and on.

Al Sharpton and the black community wait until another black criminal is dead then they cry, destroy and loot. Why did they not help the criminal destined for self destruction? Where were you, BLM and all supporters of your self serving cult?

You don't hear much from Reverend Al in Chicago.  Enlighten yourself, check out this website.

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