Thursday, February 03, 2022

Lamest President in my lifetime................

Returned to Tennessee soil last evening after another stellar hiatus in Mexico.   Why does everyone work in Mexico?   Because they don't tax the average Mexican worker and take those tax dollars and give them to people who don't work.  Interesting slant, perhaps they might try more of that strategy in America but that won't get them any votes.  When in doubt, follow the money and follow who wants what voting bloc!

Getting back to America and seeing what's up with our President is always a hoot.   Biden can't stop the spread of Covid, Biden can't get ships unloaded in ports, Biden won't stop the spread of criminal illegals into this great country, Biden can't stop the massive spread of carjacking's,  Biden won't make America energy independent and Biden can not do a thing to stop inflation, especially the cost of food from going much higher.

And now, drum roll please, Biden wants to cure cancer.  

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