Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Done with it! Natural immunity accomplished.

A strain of the Chinese or Wuhan flu got me down for a few days but am back 100%.

Never a high fever, usually around 101, no sore throat, no taste, achy, chills, tired, you know the drill, you've been sick before and one thing for sure, we will all take sick again!

We have a decrepit President walking around not knowing what year it is dispensing medical advice and you think a guy like me is supposed to be scared of dying or getting a dam flu because I chose not to vax? 

I never thought, in my lifetime, that Americans would risk getting blood clots, strokes, heart abnormalities and possible death over a flu virus that is almost 100% survivable.

The pandemic is the government, Big Pharma, politicians, greed and control all being built on the fear of the American people.

Get a dam grip America.  You all will die, just like me and I for one am dam scared of not living every day to accomplish what I have to do.  

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