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Sunday, June 13, 2021

My Covid analysis this weekend!

The Democrats are the party of control: what you eat, what you wear on your face, deeming your job or business essential or not. Sad part is, some of you have given them this control and expect it to save you. The government will never save you. 

Save yourself.

99.8% of the people you come in contact with are not infected.

The average Covid age of death 78, which is 2 years OLDER than the normal average age of death at 76.

If I were scared of COVID I would get the vaccine but, first let's be clear.  The Covid-19 Jab is not a vaccine. The Covid-19 Jab is a mRNA modifier. If the Covid-19 mRNA modifier Jab was a vaccine then you wouldn't catch Covid-19 after receiving it.  And we know for a fact that people who have received the jab later got Covid-19. So let's stop the BS. 

Another fact we know is the mask, face diaper whatever you call it doesn't do a damn thing from preventing Covid-19. 

But authorities are still pushing it as if they are living under a rock, which they are.

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