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Saturday, October 24, 2020

President Trump v Democrats

I voted for Trump.  I like Trump.  I like the Israel/UAE peace accord, a stronger military, secure borders, lower taxes, independence from Arab oil, record stock market highs, more jobs, law and order, record black and Hispanic unemployment and no more globalism.  As unconventional and abrasive as Trump is look what he has accomplished.   Nobody said he was a nice guy, and nobody said he wasn't a narcissist but he exposed the Deep State.  He has the FBI looking around on their heels.  The CIA is spooked.  He stopped the senseless killing in the Middle East wars and curtailed the Military Industrial Complex’s infinite waste.   He  also slowed the Pentagon waste and did his best for the nation against the scamdemic hoax I call the China Virus.

Is anyone with half a brain still giving any serious credibility to what establishment politicians and media sources claim about Trump?   Do you wonder how he ever became one of the most successful businessmen in US history while Obama never held a job that didn't carry a government paycheck?

The difference between me and a few of my Democratic friends ( I don't have many) are rather stark.  You see Trump's arrogance, I see Trump's confidence. You see Trump's nationalism, I see Trump's patriotism. You hear Trump's unsophisticated words, I hear Trump's honesty. You see Trump's racism, I see Trump's words being misconstrued and twisted by the media daily to fit their narrative. You see Trump as a Republican, I see Trump as a Patriot. You see Trump as a dictator, I see Trump as a leader. You see Trump as an Authoritarian, I see Trump as the only one willing to fight for our freedoms. You see Trump as childish, I see Trump as a fighter, unwilling to cave in to the lies. You see Trump as an unpolished politician, I see Trump as a breath of fresh air. You think Trump hates immigrants, I know Trump is married to an immigrant. You see Trump putting an end to immigration in America, I see Trump welcoming immigrants to America LEGALLY. You see Trump's cages at the border, I see Obama's cages at the border. You see Trump with a struggling economy, I see Trump with an amazing economy until the Democrats shut it down. You see the violence in the streets and call it "Trump's America", I see the violence in the streets of Democratic run cities who are refusing Trump's help and call it "Liberal America." You want someone more Presidential, I'm happy we have someone who finally doesn't just talk the talk but actually walks the walk. 

You and I?   We see things very differently.

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