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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Ed Bukoskey

When all is said and done and I go on ahead to the other side I hope that my friend Ed Bukoskey will be around for my family.

Thank you Ed and to your bride for all you do, have done and will do for the Parisian family at Ghost Ranch.


I have a great neighbor.   His name is  Ed.  He is 72, husband, father and grandfather.   Ed was an Air Force aviator and schooled as an engineer.  Ed retired from the power plant facility in Colstrip, MT and with his wife keeps the Yellowstone River Valley in produce.   Ed has been teaching bow-hunter education in MT for 33 years.  He has taught grandfathers, sons and grandsons bow hunter safety!     Funny thing, Ed hasn’t shot a deer with a rifle in 33 years.  All his teaching is on a  volunteer basis.   Ed provides onions, berries, cucumbers, potatoes and tomatoes to our family each fall.  Ed is always around and does so much for us.   This year he made wood duck boxes and helped me put them up.  Last year it was bat boxes.   On Thanksgiving I was at Ed’s table. He is always  calling to check on my sons hunting luck daily.  He has never asked for anything other than I put sugar in his coffee!

Well, I told Ed last month to come hunt.   Come to the Ghost Ranch.  Bring your bow or rifle and enjoy yourself.  He came over a few afternoons and sat on stand.  Ed Had a great time but it never came together but that is bow hunting.    So the other day I told Ed, come to Ghost Ranch and kill a bomber.  Told him no shooting small bucks.  Told him no killing cull bucks.  Only a tank for you Ed!  Use a rifle when the wind is howling!

This morning Ed was shaking like a leaf.   He did it.  With my help he got it done.  The emotion was unbelievable.   It was all I could do to hold back tears when he grabbed that massive bone and said “Buck of a lifetime”!   I am humbled by how much Ed appreciated this opportunity.   He made a great shot and listened to me every step of the way to get this magnificent deer on the ground.   It was the only deer I saw for 3 hours today which in itself is simply hard to believe.  In the blowing snow, glasses fogged, no gloves and unfamiliar weapon he made a great heart shot after I got the deer stopped.   We were so lucky.   It was Ed’s opportunity and he made the most of it.    It is friends like Ed that make living  in Montana so special!  Talk about being blessed today to give back to a friend so appreciative of what it takes to grow deer to maturity!  I am so thankful and full of gratitude for what God provides and the enjoyment we get from the Ghost Ranch.   It is truly a magical place for growing big deer and today was Ed’s day! Please join me in congratulating Ed! 

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