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Thursday, July 19, 2018

On Mental Illness from ZeroHedge

As everyone is finding out, the homeless and mentally have more rights than any of us honest, hard working, tax mules.
I haven't spoken about it recently, as the topic is depressing as hell and too close. My father is a veteran, mentally ill, and has substance abuse problems. I tried to help him but too late. He ended up getting a one-way ticket to Hawaii from LAX. Not just for him, either. He was able to get a homeless charity to buy both him, and his alcoholic GF, tickets to Hawaii, where he is, once again, homeless.
The problem is that the laws dealing with the mentally ill have been gutted and basically destroyed. The only way the police can force someone to be placed in a mental facility, for any length of time, is after they have killed someone. The police, the doctors, the families have been thrown to the wayside. Same for community members. The so-called community mental health centers are a joke. These non-profit charities that supposedly help the homeless do no such thing. Those charities skim the local tax base and farm the homeless.
That homeless charity I volunteered at back in the 1990s, Downtown Emergency Services Center in Seattle, had one shelter and now they own seven fucking buildings! Has homelessness gotten better, or worse, in Seattle, since 1993? I don't know the income of the Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director for DESC but I doubt it is less than 7 figures with invitations to all the city galas and parties and awards that show how much good they are doing for the homeless. Yeah, sure they are. A tiny house village made of plywood shacks that houses 22 people? Pathetic.
Until the laws are changed and the courts make it easier to commit people to mental facilities or substance abuse centers, this problem will only get worse, not better. Or until some type of plague shows up and kills off a lot of them.
There used to be county mental hospitals for a reason. It is where people like this were sent. How is it humane to let them live like animals, on the street? There were vagrancy laws, for a reason.
Without any expectiions of decency, this is the end result. A society where anything goes, from shitting on a public street to walking into the women's locker room because a dude is playing at being a girl that day. The lefttards wanted an anything goes society. This is the end result. A public madhouse or insane asylum.

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