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Sunday, April 29, 2018

My European visit.....................

Just back from a jaunt to Germany and over to Amersterdam.

The Germans have nothing to fear from the million plus refugees.  The Middle Eastern mobs/mafia that control major parts of Germany are growing in size and power.  The police are powerless.   So too, the major cities and what appears to be a vast majority of Germans are killing themselves at record pace with their use of tobacco.    Amazing to me, the lunacy of that addiction made me feel like I was in Tennessee. It seems to be working for Big Tobacco every place on the planet.   Great work if you can get enough power players paid off!

I love border controls.   Europe used to be smart.   Isn't it rather amazing how the United States is fighting every single war it can provoke, all over the planet, except for the very war on it's own borders?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls in America, this is an invasion on YOU if you give a shit.  It's here, it's now.  It is an invasion on your social systems, your welfare systems,  your infrastructure, your taxes, your schools, your way of life, your politics, your entire fabric of being!

Welcome the crime on every level folks.   Eventually, the voting booths will see to it that you lose and lose big.

I am so old I tell people I had a car phone and they look at me funny.  I admit it's been 41 years since I was in Amsterdam.  Some things had changed, some had not.  The mob still runs the Red Light district.    The mob still runs the drugs.   Heineken has sole control on the beer front.  Bikes were far more numerous.  Taxi's not so much and UBER just making inroads.

And KLM flight attendants were as they always were!  Yup, for sure.

Great trip, great to be home.  Great to experience the Schiphol airport experience and unfortunately have to experience the TSA goons in Minneapolis clearing US customs for a connecting flight.   Global Entry is a joke if you need to connect to another flight in Minneapolis. It just doesn't end with that attitude and madness.  I doubt that less than .0001 % of TSA employees have ever been through Ben Gurion in Tel Aviv or Schiphol in Amsterdam and experienced what screening for terrorism should look like.

Terror is inside the Beltway.  It's in Congress.  It's on K Street.

You don't have to look far in America.  The stench grows daily.

Don't believe me?  Look at the stench coming from this web site.  Look at it close.  Think about your children.



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